Repairs & Upgrades
Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned, and technology sometimes seems to hold us back more than help. At NexTek Solutions, we can turn that misfortune around and get your technology back to working for you.
Are you adding a new server to your network, a VPN to a remote office, or perhaps you need a backup internet connection with fail-over support? Regardless of the case, NexTek Solutions has the tools and the skills required to get the job done.
on-site support
There is no need to take apart your equipment or take it to a shop for troubleshooting and repairs, our trained and certified engineers will come to you. We can fix most issues without ever removing the equipment from the premises.
Data Protection
Keeping good backups is possibly the most important thing a company can do to protect itself from losses and long term downtime. NexTek Solutions can install Network Attached Storage units and setup automated local backups configured for quick redeployment in the event of an emergency.
Project Management
Major system upgrades can present a complex set of risks vs. rewards that require in depth knowledge of the systems involved to minimize downtime and maximize potential. Let NexTek Solutions manage your next system upgrade and take worry out of the equation.
Remote Support
Many information technology issues today can be resolved without an engineer even stepping foot in your office. NexTek Solutions employs some of the industry's leading remot support and device management tools to monitor and repair your equipment faster than ever before.